Intuit SMB MediaLabs’ Advertising Guidelines

The following advertising guidelines have been devised to help ensure that Intuit’s SMB MediaLabs advertising products and solutions (“MediaLabs”) deliver the best possible value to Intuit’s small and medium size business (“SMB”) customers and the advertising clients that want to reach those customers, all while ensuring the safety and integrity of our service. These guidelines are not intended as legal advice and following these guidelines does not serve as legal compliance. Advertisers on MediaLabs are responsible to make sure their ads and associated links within ads direct users to content that complies with applicable laws, statutes, and regulations.

Advertising Content Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all ads delivered through MediaLabs. Intuit expressly reserves the right to reject or remove any ad in its sole discretion at any time. Final and ongoing approval of all creative material is at the sole discretion of Intuit. In addition, Intuit reserves the right, at any time, to re-evaluate previously approved creative material to ensure ongoing compliance with our advertising guidelines, specifically in the event that creative material elicits significant negative feedback.

General Content Requirements

All ad materials or creative of any kind, including landing pages or pop-ups to which a viewer is directed through any link (the “Content”) should adhere to these general requirements:

  • Content advertised through MediaLabs should be relevant to SMB audiences.
  • Ads must directly relate to the Content a viewer is directed to, and must clearly identify the company, product or service, and brand that is being advertised.
  • Your Content must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Your Content and your use of MediaLabs must not violate the intellectual property rights of any third party. The inclusion or use of any other party’s intellectual property, logo, graphic, artwork, audio, film, celebrity, or person must be properly licensed for use.
  • All claims made in your Content must be adequately substantiated.
  • Your Content may not be misleading.
  • Your Content may not include use of the Intuit name, logo or brand features without prior written approval from Intuit.
  • Your Content cannot mimic or resemble Intuit’s trade dress or suggest or imply any endorsement or partnership with Intuit without prior written approval from Intuit.

Intuit may also prohibit advertising products or services that are contrary to its Content Moderation Principles, applicable Terms of Use and Acceptable Use Policies.

Format Restrictions

You may not include pre, mid, or post-roll ads in videos or audio content.
You may not include banner ads in videos or images.

Ad Format & Ad Specs By Platform

  1. Social
  1. Meta
  2. Image Ads Specs
  3. Video Ads Specs
  4. Carousel Ads Specs
  5. Collection Ads Specs
  1. Programmatic
  1. Xandr
  2. Ad formats - Audio, Banner, Native, & Video
  3. Ad Specs
  1. The TradeDesk
  2. Ad Formats - Audio, Banner, Native, & Video
  3. Ad Specs
  1. Google DV360
  1. CTV
  1. Vizio
  2. Ad Formats - In-Stream Video
  3. Creative Size: 1920x1080
  4. File Type Accepted: MP4
  5. Ad File Type: VAST Only
  6. Lengths Accepted: :06,:10,:15,:30,:60+
  7. Max File Size: 200MB
  8. Video (auto-expand time): 0:120s
  9. Aspect Ratio: 16:09
  10. Max Bit Rate: 5,000kbps
  11. Audio: -23 integrated LUFS; 16 or 24 bit preferred (192 kbps minimum)

Changes to this Policy

We may make changes to this policy from time to time. In the event we do make changes, your continued use of the MediaLabs services constitutes your acceptance of these changes.