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Engage with unparalleled SMB audience data by leveraging the experience of Intuit, all in a privacy-protective manner. Quickbooks™ stands alone as the essential software solution for small and medium-sized businesses, handling expenses, revenue forecasts, invoicing, payments, and payroll, creating a pool of remarkably accurate data unavailable anywhere else.


QuickBooks™ SMB data points


Dollars in global payments volume annually


Dollars in loan originations through QuickBooks™


US workers paid annually

35M SMBs


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Make an Impact

A recent campaign for a global logistics company saw a +20% lift in trustworthiness and a +42% lift in recognition as a brand that helps small businesses grow.

“The SMB MediaLabs campaign was 4x more effective than our best CPA benchmark.”

- Large IT company

“Improved our lower funnel benchmarks by 50%.”

- Large Insurance Company


Intuit SMB MediaLabs is a first-of-its kind B2B media network focused solely on small businesses. SMB MediaLabs is powered by the unmatched 1st party business data of Intuit. By leveraging Intuit’s 1st party data, B2B marketers now have the ability to put campaigns in market with not only extreme accuracy but also extreme efficiency. SMB MediaLabs is not a new tactic or channel but instead an evolved data layer which can take the performance and accuracy of B2B efforts to a whole new level.

Zero guesswork

Our people-based cookie-free solution contains a robust pool of log-level Intuit SMB data.

  • Precision marketing - deterministic, 1 to 1 based targeting.
  • Reliable 1P audiences - data that will maintain value in a cookieless world.
  • Privacy safe collaboration through our privacy-first, PII based solution.
  • Omni-channel activation - find your audience where they are, regardless of media channel. 
  • Full funnel - drive success for goals throughout the marketing funnel.

Trusted data with smb privacy at the center

  • Trusted - Intuit is a trusted steward of our SMB’s data. Our audience layers are built by abstracting SMB’s PII, ensuring advertisers don’t have to worry about inadvertent access to PII or other privacy issues.  
  • Clear and transparent - SMBs can opt out of the ad network at any time.
  • Benefit driven - Marketing focused on improving the financial health and wellbeing of our SMBs.

Scale Your Results

Create scalable campaigns with unprecedented accuracy across an array of platforms and tactics that hit and exceed target and performance goals. We work with the largest DSPs, social platforms, etc. to reach SMB’s where they are. CTV, OLV, Display, Social, and more.


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